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Noah y Maurizio comes out of the vibrant musical environments of Berklee College of Music and the Acoustic Music Seminar at the Savannah Music Festival.  The members of the group are widely recognized as emerging artists in the acoustic music scene, and their music combines Traditional and Contemporary, Appalachian and Venezuelan, Brazilian and Jazz influences, giving Noah y Maurizio an energetic sound and broad appeal. Their debut album “Acoustic Travelogue” is out for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, and out for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music!  



Mike Marshall

"These guys and gal are kicking it! So nice to see many of my Acoustic Music Seminar Alumni hooking up and carrying on with what we all share at the Savannah Music Festival each year.  I feel like a proud papa.  Well done all!" - Mike Marshall

Mike Block

"Noah y Maurizio's debut album is an inspiring display of brilliant solo and ensemble playing, as well as beautiful tune writing and arranging.  This is a special group with a unique sound - definitely worth keeping an eye on this group!" - Mike Block

Tony Trischka

"Having gotten to know some of these brilliant young folks from the Berklee College of Music, I was predisposed to loving this project before even hearing it.  Needless to say, every expectation was met and this rich omnibus of savory musics is sure to garner many new fans.  May this group have the long lifespan it richly deserves!" - Tony Trischka

Fernando Brandao

"Noah y Maurizio takes genre hopping to a new level, with brilliant soloing and top-notch musicianship from every player.    Their energy is infectious!" - Fernando Brandao

Tom Hojnacki

"A truly engaging musical experience!  Drawing on such diverse influences, the band's compositions' melodies and harmonies shine while being propelled by an electric energy not often heard in fully acoustic bands.  Noah y Maurizio is definitely a band to watch in the coming years ..." - Tom Hojnacki

Sam Reider

"In my mind, the marker of success for any project that fuses the styles of two or more cultures is achieving a body of work that feels unique without needing to call attention to its own novelty. Noah y Maurizio’s debut record “Acoustic Travelogue” is unplaceable and authentic in the best possible way. The rhythmic patterns of the cuatro fit seamlessly with a repertoire that balances jazz, contemporary string band and world music. I can’t wait to see where they go next!" - Sam Reider

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Noah: 781-325-2389 - Maurizio: 315-807-6783

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