Noah y Maurizio is a Boston-based band that comes out of the vibrant musical environments of the Berklee College of Music and the Acoustic Music Seminar at the Savannah Music Festival.  The individual members of the group are widely recognized as emerging artists in the acoustic music scene, but come from varied musical backgrounds - Traditional and Contemporary, Appalachian and Venezuelan, Brazilian and Jazz influences combine to give Noah y Maurizio a unique sound and broad appeal.  Their debut album “Acoustic Travelogue” is out for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, and out for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music.  



Noah and Maurizio met and became friends in 2017 while studying Jazz Composition at Berklee.  In 2018, Noah and Parker Ousley attended the Acoustic Music Seminar at the Savannah Music Festival and bonded over their love of many different kinds of music, workshopping tunes with each other and eventually performing together at the festival with Canadian fiddle player extraordinaire Clara Rose.  

Upon Noah's return to Berklee, he talked to Maurizio about putting together a group to explore each other’s music, and suggested involving Brazilian guitar guru Joao Perrusi. They began leading downsized Jazz orchestras towards that end in the Fall of 2018.  

In late February of 2019, Clara came to visit Boston for a week, and she and Noah put together a few shows for fun!  Noah asked Maurizio if he wanted to try something very different than the Jazz Orchestras they’d been leading, and Maurizio said sure. Parker Ousley and Joao Perrusi came onboard to round out the group, and Mandolin maniac Ethan Setiawan topped it all off.  After a furious week of rehearsing, the shows went off without a hitch, and the group even found time to record an entire album with the great engineer Alex Leiva.  

After Clara returned to Canada, Maurizio and Noah agreed that they had found something special, and wanted to continue the project.  They brought on the indomitable Sofia Chiarandini to take up the all-important role of fiddle player, and became Noah y Maurizio!  Since then they have played at Joe Val 2020, Grey Fox 2019, WBUR Cityspace, Rabb Hall, and all around the Boston area.  


Their debut album, "Acoustic Travelogue" was just released on streaming platforms and wherever digital music is sold.  You can stream "Acoustic Travelogue" on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc, and you can purchase the album digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon Music. 

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